Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June 20, 2011

"Ghosts and giants" - Eric Hofbauer and the Infrared Band (Level)
"Polliwog" - James Farm (James Farm)
"Hazey Jane II" - Nick Drake (Bryter Layter)
"Marburg" - Brad Shepik (Across the way)
"Agho" - Sir Victor Uwaifo (Guitar-boy superstar)
"Quirino con su tres" - Jane Bunnet & Hilario Duran (Cuban rhapsody)
"Bad big hill" - The Craig Pedersen Quartet (Early winter)
"Storm warning" - Bela Fleck & The Flecktones (Rocket science)
"Death by Pollyanna" - Cheer-accident (No ifs, ands or dogs)
"Man vs. nature" - Killdozer (12 point buck)
"Upward spiral" - Search Engine (I'm feeling lucky)
"Ecce apparebit dominus" - Cinquecento (Missa ego flos campi)
"Swept into a desert (calm becomes the storm)" - Lucas Haneman (This is what's up)
"Two labors" - Au vs Masanka Sankayi (Tradi-mods vs rockers: alternative taks on congotronics)
"Whatever" - Alphonse Mouzon (Angel face)
"Hurricane" - Ray Manzarek/Roy Rogers (Translucent blues)
"Algiers" - Austin Peralta (Endless planets)
"In love (vocoded freak testimonials)" Leb Laze - (Music for troubled machinery)
"You can run" - Seun Anikulapo Kuti & Egypt 80 (From Africa with fury: rise)
"Now longer" - Harris Eisenstadt (Canada day II)
"Henya" - Ambrose Akinmusire (When the heart emerges glistening)
"Vuoto a rendre" - Paolo Angeli/Takumi Fukushima (Itsunomanika)
"Dick & Jane" - Sidney York (Apocalyptic radio cynic)
"Ocean tales" - Steve MacLean Ensemble (GPS)
"Alto 1" - Kaoru Abe (Solo 1972)

Like last week, this program featured a pronounced lean in the directly of newly-released jazz. This week's show retained the same direction though to not as much of an extent; there was a nice mixed bag of other tunes and songs featured. Looking at what's on deck, I suspect that the June 27, 2011 will be similar to today.

I hope I'm not letting the cat out of the bag (too much) but it looks like CJSW Funding Drive 2011 will take place from Oct. 21-28. Should be fun! Stay tuned over the next few months for more information.


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