Monday, July 18, 2011

August 1, 2011

"So long Bernie" - Lowest Of The Low (Shakespeare my butt)*
"Joe's bones" - Dave McCann (Megatunes: 21st anniversary compilation)**
"Myth" - Pharoah Sanders (Village of the pharoahs)
"Room with a view" - Old Blind Dogs (Wherever yet may be)
"Rude on purpose" - Mace Hibbard (Time gone by)
"Hymn eola" - Townstartssbandht (Hymn)*
"Tomorrow never knows" - Michael Hedges (Oracle)
"Don't contradict" - Ikebe (Shakedown)
"Carps daemon" - Nate Wooley/Scott R. Looney/Damon Smith/Weasel Walter (Scowl)
"City slumber" - Obey The Fist (Epidemic of reason)**
"Omni portens" - Morbid Angel (Illud divinm insanus)
"Formation 1" - Steve Coleman and Five Elements (The mancy of sound)
"Verr" - Eola (Living)
"Eleanor Rigby" - Booker T. & The MGs (McLemore Avenue)
"Big brother" - David Bowie (Diamond dogs)
"Chant of the ever-circling skeletal family" - David Bowie (Diamond dogs)
"10,000 days" - 5 After 4 (Rome in a day)*
"Brown haired daughter" - Old 97s (Grand theatre vol. 2)
"Fuckers" - Blanck Mass (Blanck Mass)
"Saucer eyes" - The Polymorphines (The slip EP)*
"Providence public defender" - A Troop Of Echoes (Days in automation)
"Most with the least" - Scanner & The Post Modern Jazz Quartet (Blink of an eye)
"The fixer" - Pangea (Pangea)
"Interim few" - Moog School
"Your wildest dreams" - Warren Haynes (Man in motion)
"Arnold Schoenberg's son (was my math teacher)" - Jeff Lederer (Sunwatcher)
"In the wild" - Hoodoo Gurus (Mars needs guitars!)
"Emission embossment" - Moog School
"Chant du p'tit gny" - Francois Bourassa Quartet (Idiosyncrasie)*
"Found you out" - She Keeps Bees (Dig on)
"Destruction mayhem terror" - 40 Gun Flagship (Megatunes: 21st anniversary compilation)**
"Conflict" - Moog School
"Born to fully" - Andy Boay (Born to fully)*

There are two important numbers in connection to today's program:

5800 - The 5800th track was played on Breaking The Tethers in this program. The track was "Carps daemon" by Wooley and co. 5800 isn't that auspicious a number but it does mark that the 6000 point is just seven or eight shows away (or thereabouts). I'll make more of a fuss when that number is reached.

33 - This is how many tracks were played in the Aug. 1 edition. I think I've played more than that at some point (maybe in the 34-36 range?) but I don't get into the 30s very often.

And remember what the asterisks stand for: *=Canadian and **=local


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