Monday, July 4, 2011

July 11, 2011

"Way down" - The Feelies (Here before)
"The wanderer" - McCoy Tyner (Extensions)
"Widgets" - Disco Biscuits (Planet)
"Eight miles high" - Leo Kottke (Mudlark)
"Eight miles high" - Rufus Harley (Courage: the Atlantic years)
"Eight miles high" - East of Eden (Mercator projected)
"Eight miles high" - Husker Du
"Altered dominance" - Lorna MaLachlan (Time 4 change)
"Repetition" - TV On The Radio (Nine types of light)
"Abdulmajid" - Philip Glass ('Heroes' symphony)
"Greenwood laddie/Mrs. Capron's reel/Tune" - Eliza Carthy (Red)
"Space circus" - Corea, Clarke & White (Forever)
"Sea of time" - The Beatles (Yellow submarine soundtrack)
"Nice-boy" - Jookabox (The eyes of the fly)
"Dance of death" - Calexico (I am the resurrection: a tribute to John Fahey)
"Southern Pacific" - Neil Young & The International Harvesters (Treasure)
"French countryside" - Psychedelic Horseshit (Laced)
"Saucisse a la Berg" - Francois Bourassa Quartet (Idiosyncrasie)
"La ligne de chance" - Eric Hofbauer and the Infrared Band (Level)
"Rhapsodic membrane" - Heavy Tin (Space cats)
"No guarantees" - Black Phoenix Orchestra (Black Phoenix Orchestra)
"Concerto grosso: sarabande" - Ralph Vaughan Williams (Works for string orchestra)
"My kingdom" - Soundslab (Empirical state)
"Depth perception" - Jack Curtis Dubowsky (Ensemble III)
"Judy's smile III" - Amalgam (Prayer for peace)

Two notable things this week:

1) I came across a number of interesting versions of the Byrds' song "Eight miles high" and figured I'd play them all in a set in today's show, which I did. I thought they were all good examples of how a song can be covered in a way that bears a resemblence to the original but also heads out in other directions.

2) This week and last, I've had the pleasure of training a new programmer, Matt. He's keen and is picking everything up very well. Today, he ran the board for much of the show, played ads, and made the PSA announcements. Next week, he'll be hosting the 8-10 am section of Breaking The Tethers (I'll be doing 7-8 am only). He should do well.


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