Monday, July 11, 2011

June 18, 2011

"The hold up" - Ikebe (Shakedown)
"Cristo redentor" - Jeff Lederer (Sunwatcher)
"Never the same way" - The New Gary Burton Quartet (Common ground)
"Cuz mapfumo" - Boiled In Lead (From the ladle to the grave)
"Eden autumn and Noah too" - Aimee Allen (Winter & mays)
"Bohemian party part 3" - World's End Girlfriend (Seven idiots)
"Erectangles" - I Set My Friends On Fire (Astral rejection)
track 7 - Tetrix (Tetrix 11)**
"Bombay boogie" - Ashwin Batish (Sitar power)

I split this week's show with new CJSW programmer Matt Stanford. I did the first hour; he did the last two. The list above just reflects my portion of the program. I'll be back for all three hours next week, July 25 (for better or for worse :-)

I should note that Matt shadowed me for training for the past three shows. He absorbed a ton of information and did a good job behind the board today.

Some new symbols will appear in the tracks lists, starting today (you'll notice one above). These are:

*=Canadian artist
**=local artist


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