Monday, November 27, 2017

November 27, 2017

This was another all-new program.  Good music all round, with a few faves ("Grunge" by the Keith Price Double Quartet, "Benzedrine shuffle", by Chris Murphy, and the "Sesame Street" theme by Delfeayo Marsalis).  Normally, Breaking The Tethers has a lean to the more "out-there" side of things but, today, there was a slant to straight-ahead jazz (though out-there stuff certainly wasn't absent).  Maybe I'll have an all-freaky show sometime just to balance things out? 😃

I'm off to England for a week and a bit so I won't be the host of the Monday, December 4 show.  Linda Cunningham will be at the controls for that edition of BTT.  Please join Linda at 10 am MT, 90.9 fm or as she does her usual great job!  I'll be back for the Monday, December 11 show.


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