Wednesday, November 1, 2017

October 30, 2017

First show after the annual CJSW funding drive (more on the FD below).  This was a particularly good one, I think.  Great music, mostly recent, in a variety of styles, with a few trips into the past.  And I managed to play 10 pieces of music in one hour (mostly; I only got to play about half of the last track in the show, "Call of the wild" by Lonnie Smith).

I will talk a bit about one track, the live BBC version of "Slightly all the time" by Soft Machine.  I play Soft Machine a bit too much, I know (I last played them about a month ago, I believe) but I wanted to fit in this song in because I put it on one of the funding drive CDs.  I had announced that all the tracks on the FD CDs had been played on Breaking The Tethers; however, I realized that the Soft Machine tune had not been played yet.  So, I amended that on the Oct. 30 show :-)

Turning to the 2017 CJSW Funding Drive, overall, the FD was a great success.  While the stretch goal of $250,000 was not reached, the main goal of $200,000 was met and more, hitting $210,000.  Looking at the Breaking The Tethers FD show, on Monday, October 23, frequent BTT guest host Linda Cunningham joined me for the hour and we had a great time; we chatted, we asked for money, and played some tunes (off the BTT mix CDs).  I'm not sure how much was pledged to BTT but I do know that there were at least a few folks who donated; I'll have more on this in the weeks to come.  Many thanks to everyone who pledged to Breaking The Tethers and to other CJSW programs!

I'll be away all of next week, in Charleston, SC, for a conference.  Linda will be filling in on the Monday, November 6 edition of BTT (many thanks as always, Linda!).  I'll be back for the Monday, November 13 edition.  Both shows, of course, will be on CJSW, 90.9 fm,



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