Tuesday, April 15, 2008

April 15, 2008

"MacBain's/The sailor's bonnet" - Duane Andrews (Crocus)
"La fiesta (CD 1)" - Chick Corea & Gary Burton (The new crystal silence)
"Hamp's blues" - The Oscar Peterson Trio with Herb Ellis (Hello Herbie)
"Pharoah's revenge (Tutankhamen) intro part 2" - The Roy Campbell Ensemble (Akhenaten
"Hunting wabbits" - Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band (XXL)
"Rice dice mice" - Jeff Coffin & Charlie Peacock (Arc of the circle)
"Sambatude" - Paul Renz (ReBop)
"Thankfulness" - Mem3 (Pennsylvania grey)
"Mano libre" - Cumako (No borders)
"Elvin's empire" - John Fedchock New York Big Band (Up & running)
"Roll credits" - Ben Allison & Man Sized Safe (Little things run the world)
"From the lonely afternoon" - Flora Purim (Carry on)
"The lesson" - Victor Wooten (Palmystery)
"Etheric cleanse" - Jim Ryan's Forward Energy (Configurations 2002)
"Stolen moments" - Caribbean Jazz Project Featuring Dave Samuels (Afro bop alliance)
"The man who fell from earth" - Flanger (Outer space/inner space)
"First snow" - Brian Buchanan (Avenues)
"Exuberance" - Rob Brown Ensemble (Crown trunk root funk)
"Sunrise in Montreal" - Rabih Abou-Khalil (The sultan's picnic)
"Noodle rave" - Trey Anastasio (The horseshoe curve)
"Perpetual motion" - Jacob Varmus (All the things we can still can be)
"Saturday morning church" - Tuatara (Breaking the ethers)
"4.23" - Chris Greene Quartet (Soul and science, voulme one)
"1,000 yards" - Spring Heel Jack (Songs & themes)

Like last week, there was a fair amount of new material today. I suspect that next week will feature more older tracks though it depends on what crosses my path in the next seven days.

My favourites this week are "Pharoah's revenge" by the Roy Campbell Ensemble, "Rice dice mice" by Coffin and Peacock, and "Roll credits" by Ben Allison. Most of the rest are very good too.


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