Tuesday, April 8, 2008

April 8, 2008

If you follow the dates in the title fields for these posts, you'll notice that one date is missing, April 1, 2008. I completely forgot to post the info last week and then when I remembered, I couldn't find my notes. I will endeavour to dig up the setlist and post it. In the meantime, here's the list for April 8:

"At my critical counterpart" - Ganesh Anandan, John Gzowski (Shruti project)
"Countdown" - Brad Mehldau Trio (Live)
"The wanderer " - Floratone (Floratone)
"Moonbird" - Larry Goldings (Organ-ized: an all-star tribute to the Hammond B3 organ)
"Aquarian groove"- Sadao Watanabe (Rememberance)
"What a life" - Elisabeth Kontomanou (Back to my groove)
"Landshark pt. 2" - DK3 (Alternative to what?)
"Not a spec of cereal" - Barry Romberg's Random Access Part Three (Barry Romberg's Random Access Part Three)
"Ich, bin, George" - Flat Earth Society (Presents psychoscout)
"Jermoe the negligent nanny" - Out To Lunch (Excuse me while I do the boogaloo)
"Yemenja" - John Hicks/Elsie Wood, Inc. (Luminous)
"Room #251" - Campbell Ryga (Spectacular)
"Bow river falls" - Dave Douglas (Bow river falls)
"Nastissimo" - Gregg August Sextet (One peace)
"Funk in deep freeze" - Doug MacDonald (Beautiful friendship)
"Watt" - Bernard Falaise (Clic)
"Same clothes, different day" - The Chris Tarry Group (Almost certainly dreaming)
"The goldhearted miner" - Esbjorn Svensson Trio (Tuesday wonderland)
"Green peppers" - Cor Fuhler (Corkestra)
"Segment" - Hilario Duran Trio (New danzon)
"El nino perdido" - Cumako (No borders)
"Tijuana gift shop" - Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis (Don't be afraid…)
"Down by the river" - The National Parks (Timbervision)
"Iron man" - The Bad Plus (Give)

The last hour of the featured a special guest, Pat Maiani from C-Jazz, talking about the Calgary Jazz Festival, which will run from June 24-29, 2008. We talked about some of the performers who will be part of the event (and other upcoming C-Jazz concerts) and played some of their music. It was a pleasure to have Pat join me. The website for the Festival is www.calgaryjazz.com/2007/Festival/cjazzfestival.htm.


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