Saturday, October 25, 2008

Apologies/CJSW Funding Drive

First off, I need to issue a major apology.  I am very late in posting both the October 14 and 21 shows.  I came back from a great holiday and jumped right into almost two weeks of fairly full days at work.  I just keep forgetting to post the lists.   I will put them up on Monday (I'd do them now but the lists are at work and I'm at home... another excuse, I know :-).  

The other (important) thing I need to mention is that we are now in the midst of CJSW's annual funding drive.  CJSW (the station that airs Breaking The Tethers) receives half its funding from the University of Calgary Students Union (via a student levy); this covers the day-to-day expenses only (including the few paid employees, all four of them; pretty much everyone else is a volunteer, including yours truly).  Capital expenditures, equipment upgrades, surprise financial needs, and more are funded solely by the money that is donated by CJSW listeners in the funding drive.  So, this week's activities are crucial to the ongoing operations and programming of the station.  The goal for the station this year is $200,000; my rough goal for the funding drive edition of Breaking The Tethers is $1000.  Anything donated would be very welcome.  The funding drive edition of Breaking The Tethers will take place on Tuesday, October 28, 6-9 am.  There will be some incentives from CJSW for pledges (see plus there will be added CD incentives (some commercial jazz CDs, some special mix CDs made by me).  Please listen in and call 403-220-5000.


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