Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Funding Drive Show Recap

The Breaking The Tethers funding drive edition was yesterday. Things went very well. The pledges amounted to $1355, a record for the show and more than my "pipe dream" goal of $1000. As well, we passed the $98,000 level for pledges for the station as a whole and the 1000th pledge in this year's drive came during the program. Many, many, many thanks to those who pledged (Renee, Ada-Marie, David x 2, Nick, Paul, and more). Thanks also to the guys on the phones (Todd, Philip, Greg, and Bruce) and to my "co-pilots" (Philip, Mark, Megan, and Gordon). I had a great time and am keen for next year already!

Keep in mind that the CJSW funding drive is still going on, until 6 pm on Friday, October 24, so if you haven't pledged yet, there is still ample opportunity :-) Call (403) 220-5000 or go to www.cjsw.com.

I'll post the track list for the program in a separate posting.


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