Monday, October 27, 2008

October 21, 2008

Another late posting, this one from almost a week ago... My bad...

"Giant things on the side of the road" - Muhledy (Active sleep)
"Ad hoc" - Lowell Davidson (Trio)
"Beat street" - Bill King's Rhythm Express (Beat street)
"Four for Tommy" - William Parker Quartet (Petit oiseau)
"One by one" - Javon Jackson (Once upon a melody)
"Snake!" - Rudresh Mahanthappa (Kinsmen)
"John Hardy" - Bill Frisell (All hat)
"Bees and flowers/Joe Smallwood's'" - Duane Andrews (Raindrops)
"Simmer low" - Morgan Childs Quintet (Time)
"Make love not war to everybody" - Gunter Hampel Group (Music from Europe)
"This is an apple" - Eri Yamamoto Trio (Redwoods)
"Amalgasantos" - Chris Greene Quartet (Soul and science 2: electric boogaloo)
"Jolla" - Michael Occhipinti (The Sicilian jazz project)
"Mickey mouse" - M'Lumbo (Sacrifices to the neon god)
"Light chasers" - The Bob Brough Quartet (Time away)
"The big squeeze" - The Microscopic Septet (Lobster leaps in)
"Waldi on the castle steps" - Karel Velebny (SHQ)
"The dragon gate" - Larry Coryell (Spaces revisited)
"Round midnight" - Sonny Fortune (You and the night and the music)
"Carter variations - I" - Chris Speed/Chris Cheek/Stephane Furic/Leibovici

The operative word with this show was "new". With a few exceptions, everything played this week was new: newly released or newly rereleased. I didn't quite decide to do this but a mess of new CDs came into my possession so, we had a "new" show. The October 28 show will be the funding drive show so the playlist will be different for that day but I will return to the "new" format for the November 4 show. After that, it should be back to the regualr mix of new and old.


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