Monday, October 27, 2008

October 14, 2008

I'm way late with this one... Nothing else to say...

"Deus et machina" - L'Orkestra Des Pas Perdus (Project 9)
"Song before sunrise" - The Joe Harriott-John Mayer Double Quintet (Jazz for meditation)
"No mystery" - Chick Corea and Return to Forever (No mystery)
"Save your love for me" - Scott Hamilton & Friends (Across the tracks)
"Sage & spirit " - Grateful Dead (Blues for allah)
"Heat wave" - Lisa Hilton (Sunny day theory)
"My favorite things" - Alice Coltrane (World galaxy)
"Funeral dance (excerpt)" - Bitter Funeral Beer Band (Live in Frankfurt '82)
"Is there anymore" - Simon Fisk/Chris Gestrin/Jerry Granelli (Vague hotels)
"Village of the pharoahs pt. 1" - Pharoah Sanders (Village of the pharoahs)
"Demented lullaby" - Adam Niewood & His Rabble Rousers (Epic journey)
"Egberto" - Jane Bunnett (Embracing voices)
"Mouse trap" - Delta Sax Quartet (Dedicated to you… but you weren't listening)
"Karuna supreme" - John Handy & Ali Akbar Khan (Karuna supreme)
"Bulldog run" - Robert Walter (Cure all)
"Mirror living" - Elizabeth Shepherd (Parkdale)
"All blues" - Miles From India (Miles from India)
"Fez" - Andy Summers & Ben Verdery (First you build a cloud)
"James eagle eye" - Royal Hartigan (Ancestors)
"Rivers and tides" - Blink (The epidemic of ideas)
"The crossing" - David Murray Octet (Plays Trane: Chicago Jazz Festival, Grant Park, Chicago, IL, September 1, 2000)

The tunes on this show are an odd mix, at least to me. Still liked it though. The "feature" thing this week was that I played an Indian-influenced or Indo-Jazz piece in each hour:

6-7 am: "Song before sunrise" - The Joe Harriott-John Mayer Double Quintet
7-8 am: "Karuna supreme" - John Handy & Ali Akbar Khan
8-9 am: "All blues" - Miles From India

I didn't plan to do this but, when I looked at the CDs I had assembled for the show, I said "hey, I could do..." The last track, "All blues" is the Miles Davis tune, originally made famous on Kind Of Blue. It's a great version (a sitar carries the melody line initially and it works wonderfully!) and is probably my favourite track from this show.


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