Friday, January 16, 2009

January 13, 2009

I'm a few days later than I thought I would be in getting this list out. My apologies.

"Shorinji kempo" - Amanda Tosoff (Wait and see)
"Stolen moments" - The Phil Norman Tentet (Totally live at Catalina Jazz Club)
"Suspension" - Dave Burrell & Billy Martin (Consequences)
"All that I need is love" - Melody Gardot (Worrisome heart)
"Skull hill" - Hugh Ragin (Revelation)
"The groove" - Brian Culbertson (Bringing back the funk)
"The bird dances" - Patrick Zimmerli (Phoenix)
"Blues for Alagarn" - Joe Pass (Virtuoso in New York)
"Baiao for Vinnie" - Ray Piper & Fantazea (Ray Piper & Fantazea)
"A gathering of spirits" - Michael Brecker/Dave Liebman/Joe Lovano (Saxophone summit: gathering of spirits)
"Boo and scout" - Bill Frisell (History, mystery)
"Kobe" - Bill King's Rhythm Express (Beat street)
"The jewel in the lotus" - The Bennie Maupin Quartet (Early reflections)
"Offshoot 3" - The Peggy Lee Band (New code)
"Children's song no. 1" - Chick Corea (Children's songs)
"Isla de las mujeres" - Quadro Nuevo (Tango bitter sweet)
"Entre funerailles I" - Mark Applebaum (Sock monkey)
"Walkin'" - Joey DeFrancesco/Guido Basso/Vito Rezza/Lorne Lofsky (One take, volume one)
"Shadowdy sands" - James Carter (Present tense)
"Meaure of a man" - Yellowjackets (Lifecycle)
"God fire" - Medeski, Martin, & Wood (Radiolarians I)
"Ryo's first flight" - Gene Ess (Modes of limited transcendence)
"Infant eyes" - Chris Davis (A night remembered)
"Theme: Koko" - Charlie Parker (Bird in time 1940-1947)

This edition of Breaking The Tethers featured a nice mix of tracks, performers, styles, old and new, etc. I even played a tune from a "smooth jazz" performer, Brian Culbertson (it was the only track I liked from the album). Variety is the spice of life.

I'll be doing the show on January 20 and then I'm away for two weeks, back behind the mike on February 10. Philip Barker from Morning Joy will be taking the Jan. 20 program (thanks, Philip!). I'm not sure who will be doing the Feb. 3 show yet.


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