Tuesday, January 6, 2009

January 6, 2009

"Class action" - Gerry Hebert (The Beat Niq Sessions Volume one: 6th Ave & 2 am)
"Dreamsfirewaking/invitation" - The Royal Hartigan Ensemble (Blood drum spirit: live in China)
"Farewell Angelina" - Michel Benita featuring Manu Codjia (Ramblin')
"One peaceful moment" - John Hicks (Sweet love of mine)
"Totina" - Dream Algebra (Free Burma)
"Froggy's magic twanger" - Jim McAuley (The ultimate frog)
"Bluesy lunedi" - Alain Bedard Auguste Quintet (Bluesy lunedi)
"Capricorn" - Cannonball Adderley (The soul zodiac)
"India" - Robert Dick and Soldier String Quartet (Jazz standards on Mars)
"Are you the favorite person of anybody" - Marco Benevento (Invisible baby)
"Let it ride" - Nicholas Payton (Into the blue)
"Momentary lapse" - Mary Halvorson Trio (Dragon's head)
"Sleepless lullaby" - Rob Mosher's Storytime (The tortoise)
"Donna Lee (variations)" - Chris Donnelly (Solo)
"Black gipsy" - Archie Shepp (Black gipsy)
"Obsession" - John Bickerton Trio (Open music)
"Mister night" - Lenny Breau (Lenny Breau trio)

Another show with not many tracks played (only 17 in three hours) but those that were featured are pretty good. In particular, I give kudos to "Black gipsy" by Archie Shepp, "Momentary lapse" by Mary Halvorson, and "Mister night" by Lenny Breau. For the cheese factor (though it kinda works), I'd throw in "Capricorn" by Cannonball Adderley.


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