Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September 15, 2009

"My only friends are the pigeons" - Brandi Disterheft (Second side)
"Song to the pharoah kings" - Return to Forever (Returns)
"It just so happens" - Barbara Dennerlein (Straight ahead!)
"Equaled" - Joey Baron (We'll soon find out)
"Murder ballad" - Jerry Granelli V16 (Vancouver '08)
"Control passion" - Tom Varner (The mystery of compassion)
"Love song" - Tigran Hamasyan (Red hail)
"Morphing Jupiter" - Random Touch (A way from the heard)
"Cain and Abel" - John Lewis (Evolution II)
"Current" - Brad Shepik (Human activity suite)
"Last night when we were young" - Cheryl Fisher (Moments like this)
"Uffe's woodshop" - Tyondai Braxton (Central market)
"(soundtrack)" - By Hearts + Horses (Park avenue music)
"Water's edge part I" - Andy Milne-Benoit Delbecq (Where is pannonica?)
"Bird colony" - The October Trio + Brad Turner (Looks like it's going to snow)
"The horseshoe curve" - Trey Anastasio (The horseshoe curve)
"Ohnedaruth" - Alice Coltrane (A monastic trio)
"What reason could I give" - Taylor Ho Bynum & Spidermonkey Strings (Madeline dreams)
"5000 miles" - Nils Landgren Funk Unit (5,000 miles)
"Blue & green" - Christoph Lauer (Evidence)
"Magnum, PI" - Ripplegroove (Under the microscope)
"Water's edge part II" - Andy Milne-Benoit Delbecq (Where is pannonica?)

Another wide and varied show, with a lot of performers who I have never played before (at least as leaders); about half of what is listed above falls into the this category.

The second last track played is called "Magnum, PI". If I have my information right, it wasn't written by members of the group (Ripplegroove). Was this a version of the theme song to the TV show of the same name? I wasn't sure; it's been a long while since I watch Magnum PI. If anyone heard the tune and can answer this question, let me know.


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