Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December 8, 2009

"Blues for Jervis" - Richard Whiteman Trio (Live in Vancouver)
"Burning spirits no. 1" - Sonny Simmons (Burning spirits)
"The children and the rats" - Zevious (After the air raid)
"Vietnam 2" - Revolutionary Ensemble (Vietnam 1 & 2 (at the peace church))
"Sounds on silence" - Fieldtrip with Jim Head and Kelly Jefferson (No destination)
"The griots" - Jason Adasiewicz's Rolldown (Varmit)
"Yamandu" - Ted Quinlan (Streetscape)
"USQ/Trilogy" - Donald Bailey (Blueprints of jazz vol. 3)
"Ghost ride" - Muskox (5 pieces)
"Moon over the great wall, part b" - Beijing Trio (Jazzno Jazz Festival, Zurich, Switzerland, October 28, 2001)
"Passion dance" - Terry Clark (It's about time)
"Minor 101" - The Dave Young Quartet (Mean what you say)
"Lachyrmae - movement #11" - The Tony Wilson Sextet (The people look like flowers at last)
"Little shadow" - Ergo (Multitude, solitude)
"Today on earth" - Joe Morris Quartet (Today on earth)
"Warmth" - Keith Price (Breakfast of champions)
"Salty" - Darius Jones Trio (Man'ish boy (a raw & beautiful thing))
"By invitation only" - Kirk MacDonald Quartet (Songbook vol. 1)

I was joined behind the board today by Brent Constantine, the new host of Off The Page, the Gauntlet news program on CJSW. Brent needed some familiarization with broadcast procedures at CJSW and did a great job.

Fave tracks this week: Sonny Simmons (even though I played the wrong song! haven't played any Sonny Simmons for a long time), "Vietnam 2" by the Revolutionary Ensemble (I aired "Vietnam 1" yesterday), and "The griots" by J.A.'s Rolldown.

One week left, one last show before my Christmas break.


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