Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 1, 2009

"Cakewalk" - Oliver Jones-Hank Jones (Pleased to meet you)
"Strange uhuru" - Charles Tyler Ensemble (Charles Tyler Ensemble)
"Crystal " - Weather Report (I sing the body electric)
"Take the Coltrane" - The Stanley Clarke Trio (Jazz in the garden)
"Cast the first stone? (…if you yourself have no sins)" - Billy Harper (Blueprints of jazz vol. 2)
"Yekermo sew" - Mulatu Astatke (New York-Addis-London: The story of Ethio jazz 1965-1975)
"Roosevelt" - Darius Jones Trio (Man'ish boy (a raw & beautiful thing))
"Cry out" - Darius Jones Trio - Man'ish boy (a raw & beautiful thing)
"If you could read my mind" - Jake Langley (Here and now)
"The tippin' point" - Spyro Gyra (Down to the wire)
"I was a celestial body in a contents sale" - Barry Romberg's Random Access (Was shall why because)
"Silver sun" - Joe Morris (Colorfield)
"Free man in Paris" - Melody Diachun (EQ )
"After some time" - Henry Threadgill Zooid (This brings us to, volume I)
"I love you" - Terell Stafford-Dick Oatts Quintet (Bridging the gap)
"Early bedtime" - Canaille (Potential things)
"Hamdouchi" - Maleen Mahmoud Ghania with Pharoah Sanders (The trance of the seven colors)
"Bumpin' on sunset" - Terrence Brewer (Groovin' Wes)
"Rim of fire suite, II" - Jeanette Lambert (Sand underfoot)
"Jungle animals" - Bobby Selvaggio (Unspoken dialogue)
"A crooked road" - Ranee Lee (Live upstairs)
"Hupid stumid" - Greg Burk (Ivy trio)

This a fun show with a fairly wide variety of tracks. Lots of great stuff here: Ethio-jazz, Morocco meets Pharoah Sanders, the late Charles Tyler, early Weather Report, and more!

Two more shows to go and then I am off to Barbados for a couple of weeks or so. I'll be doing Breaking The Tethers on December 8 and 15 and then will be skipping the December 22 and 29 and January 5 programs. I'm not sure yet who is covering for me but I'm sure whoever it is will do a great job in my absence. My first show of 2010 will be January 12.


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