Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Funding Drive 2010 and Breaking The Tethers

Though I was not in attendance, I heard that the CJSW Funding Drive 2010 edition of Breaking The Tethers (Monday, October 25) went down very well. In terms of money pledged, the total amount pledged during the program by phone was $680. I was told that an additional $300 came in via the Web during the BTT time period. Many thanks to Andrew, Brian, Rob, Nicholas, Ken, Curtis, Veronica, and Natasha for their wonderful contributions! Thanks also to Myke Atkinson who did a great job filling in for me!

One more set of thanks: To Bryson Montgomery for covering Breaking The Tethers on November 1, when I was also away.

I'll be back on the air next Monday, November 15, 7 am. Please join me then.



Anonymous said...

Hey Andrew. Congrats on the fundraising so far. CJSW is a great station.

I was listening to your show this morning (November 15th). I heard a great track but didn't have time to write it down. Could you post the line up that was played during the last 20 minute of your show?

Andrew Waller said...

I'll be putting up the entire list of everything played today a little later today. Stay tuned.