Friday, November 12, 2010

November 15, 2010

"Get in there" - Jason Adasiewicz (Sun rooms)
"The ABCs of anarchism" - Chumbawamba
"Smash the state" - D.O.A. (Bloodied but unbowed: the damage to date: 1978-1983)
"Special sauce" - Ed Henderson (Intimate)
"Silbury sands" - Wolf People (Steeple)
"ChromoRocker" - Exploding Star Orchestra (Stars have shapes)
"W.R.U." - Matt Haimovitz/Uccello (Meeting of the sprits)
"God rest ye merry gentlemen" - Oliver Jones/Ranee Lee/Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir
(A celebration in time)
"Grinding dance" - Natural/PolPOT (Natural/PolPOT)
"How's never" - Dave Holland Octet (Pathways)
"Go let's go" - Hangedup (Clatter for control)
"Norwegian wood" - Mario Romano Quartet (Valentina)
unknown - Gmackrr (Avant plans et bruit de fond)
"Eastern echoes" - Rudresh Mahanthappa & Bunky Green (Apex)
"Whatever happened to the sand people" - Aeroplane Trio (Naranja ha)
"Be there" - Skyf (Next stop… Soweto, vol. 3: giants, ministers and makers: jazz in South Africa 1963-1980)
"Soupirs d'espace 1) soupirs d'espace" - The Oberon Guitar Trio (Music of our time)
"Esther's nose job" - Soft Machine (Backwards)
"(re)prise" - Dryft (Ventricle)
"Village green" - Joey DeFrancesco/Robi Botos/Vito Rezzo/Phil Dwyer (One take, volume four)
"Zuata zuata" - Puto Prata (The sound of Club Secousse vol. 1)
"Euclid ave" - Phil Hawkins (Sugarcane suite)
"The exploitation game" - Cymbl (Bronze nature)
"When the ground is numb" - William Ryan Fritch (Music for honey and bile)
"Being and becoming" - Charles Lloyd Quartet (Mirror)

Another jazz-slanted show, though with a foot in the experimental camp. And I snuck in another performance by Soft Machine, one of my all-time faves. Top title this week, IMHO: "Whatever happened to the sand people" by Aeroplane Trio.


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