Monday, November 22, 2010

November 22, 2010

"The paladin" - Wide Hive Players (Players II guitar)
"Variations on invitation (alt.)" - Pamela Hines Trio (Moon germs)
"Sixteen, fifteen, fourteen" - P.J. Harvey & John Parish (A woman a man walked by)
"It never moves" - Henry Threadgill Zooid (This brings us to: volume II)
"Lionsteeth" - Church of the Very Bright Lights (Gang crimes)
"Enshakoota" - Gordon Grdina Trio With Mats Gustafsson (Barrel fire)
"At daybreak the first greyness to emerge" - Somnabulists (At daybreak the first greyness to emerge)
"Epistrophy" - The Microscopic Septet (Friday the thirteenth: the Micros play Monk)
"Cold comfort" - Gerry Hebert Quartet (The Beat Niq sessions vol. 3 - conversations)
"Sing a song for you" - Anne Briggs (Sing a song for you)
"West of crash" - Mario Pavone (Orange double tenor)
"Songs without words I" - John Cale (Words for the dying)
"Albanico" - River City Big Band (Just friends)
"Sunny mission" - Hauschka (Foreign landscape)
"Songs without words II" - John Cale (Words for the dying)
"Twilight" - Luis Bonilla (Twilight)
"Huaca de la luna" - Jason Robinson (The two faces of Janus)
"Inside look" - Subtle Lip Can (Subtle Lip Can)
"Gabriel's horns" - The Don Berner Sextet (The Don Berner Sextet invades Calgary: live at the Beatniq)
"Everything is beautiful" - Mark McLean (Mark McLean's playground)
"Never giving up" - Polar Bear with Jyager (Common ground)
"Nobody's fault but my own" - Jazz Folk (Jazz in the stone age)
"Depression (loukhoum)" - Richard Pinhas (Metal/crystal)

Another jazz-orientated show accompanied by, again, another group of experimental material. Musically, this one really clicked with me though I was kinda clumsy on the board. Such is (my) life sometimes.

I had my first "news" interview on today's program. I talked with former University of Calgary Students' Union president Charlotte Kingston, who is now an intern at the Sheldon Chumir Foundation for Ethics in Leadership. The Foundation has just released a report on the impact of the economy on Calgarians, particularly students and new canadians, entitled Wasted Wasted Potential: Students and New Canadians Talk Frankly About the Impact of the Economic Downturn, which Charlotte and I discussed.

Apologies for not getting the playlist up earlier. I had hoped to post this yesterday or on Monday but things were just a tad busier than expected (meetings, an hour-long wait for a C-Train in -30 degree temperature, etc.).


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