Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November 8, 2010

"Muskeg blues" - Gerry Hebert Quartet (The Beat Niq sessions vol. 3 - conversations)
"Tides of consciousness falling" - Jason Robinson (The two faces of Janus)
"Dancing mystic poets at twylight" - Geri Allen (Flying toward the sound)
"Psychedelic baby" - Fubura Sekibo (Nigeria special: volume 2: modern highlife, afro sounds & Nigerian blues)
"Silver lining" - The Nigel Kennedy Quintet (Shhh!)
"Fine bone salo" - New Channel (New Channel)
"Nothing but heartache in your social life" - Gordon Downie (Coke machine glow)
"Which way" - Mark McLean (Mark McLean's playground)
"Farewell to Nova Scotia" - The Sheridan Band (Running wild)
"Prairie" - Matthias Lupri (After hours: moonlamps & other ballads)
"Cold brains" - Jazz Folk (Jazz in the stone age)
"Rusty car" - Bucket Boys (Killing club)
"Passu torratu" - Hughes de Courson (Lux obscura)
"The adults" - Peripheral Vision (Peripheral Vision)
"Living with the crocodiles" - Doug Snyder and Bob Thompson (Daily dance)
"Metallic spheres" - The Orb Featuring David Gilmour (Metallic spheres)
"Teo" - The Microscopic Septet (Friday the thirteenth: the Micros play Monk)
"Don't give up" - Jeff King (Catalyst)
"Shadows II" - Ensemble Resonance (Electrospectives)
"Droplet" - Uz Jseme Doma (Caves)
"This brings us to" - Henry Threadgill Zooid (This brings us to: volume II)
"Mid code" - Mario Pavone (Orange double tenor)
"Fionnghuala" - The Bothy Band (Old hag you have killed me)
"The role I choose" - Polar Bear with Jyager (Common ground)
"Watt" - Floored By Four (Floored By Four)
"Surcharge" - Mike Pride's From Bacteria To Boys (Betweenwhile)
"La faulx" - Univers Zero (Heresie)

This was my first show for three weeks and it featured a big chunk of jazz (plus, interestingly, a celtic element). A fair amount of newly-released jazz crossed my path recently so I figured I would give it an airing on Breaking The Tethers. I've got leftovers, so to speak, so I suspect that the next show or two will be jazz-centred. Who knows what the program will be like after that? :-)


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