Wednesday, November 14, 2007

August 29, 2006

"Rundle" - Murley Braid Quartet (Mnemosyne's March)
"Love and hate" - Jackie McLean (Destination out)
"Interlude" - Wayne Shorter (Alegria)
"Road hog" - Nojo (You are here)
"War orphans" - Charlie Haden (Liberation music orchestra)
"Black sabbath" - Andrew Hill (Dance with death)
"Five per cent for nothing" - Yes (Fragile)
"Razor's edge" - Dave Holland Big Band (What goes around)
"Patrician" - Springer and Ducommun (New country)
"Garr" - Jaki Byard (Family man)
"Morning prayer" - Kieran Hebden and Steve Reid (Exchange session vol 1)
"Les policemen" - Mother of Pearl (SheBop!)
"Youth orientated" - Happy Apple (Youth orientated)
"1110 Dovercourt" - D.E.W. East (D.E.W. East meets Nick Brignola)
"Nocturnal transmission" - Medeski, Martin, and Wood (Uninvisible)
"In the details" - Coat Cooke Trio (Up down down up)
"Enfant" - John Zorn (Spy vs spy)
"Song for Che" - Aaly Trio + Ken Vandermark (Hidden in the stomach)
"Sun ship" - John Coltrane (Sun ship)
"I'm getting sentimental over you" - Ella Fitzgerald (Original jazz classics)
"Improvisie" - Paul Bley (Improvisie)
"Journey to strange" - Carnival Skin (Carnival skin)
"Modus operandy" - Michael Brecker (Wide angles)
"Cat's back" - John Abercrombie/Marc Johnson/Peter Erskine (November)
"In memory of" - Randy Weston (Kings of jazz)
"Bells (second part)" - Prima Materia (Bells)

Looking back, I think this was a great show. Loads of "first appearances" by many great artists (e.g. Andrew Hill, Wayne Shorter, John Zorn, Ella Fitzgerald, etc.) along with the "first plays" of a few of my faves (e.g. "Sun ship" by Coltrane, "Garr" by Jaki Byard, and "In memory of" by Randy Weston). I also managed to squeeze in one short tune by Yes - gotta get a taste of prog here and there!

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