Thursday, November 1, 2007

August 8, 2006

"Gargoyles" - Free Trade (Free trade)
"Next love" - Don Byron (Tuskegee experiments)
"Tour without passport" - Kazutoki Umezu (First deserter)
"The in crowd" - Ramsey Lewis Trio (Various #1)
"Concept" - Amanda Tosoff Quartet (Still life)
"Core" - Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers (Free for all)
"Heavy mental (for Wayne Krantz)" - Tim Berne (Shell game)
"Tsakwe" - Abdullah Ibrahim (African suite)
"LeRoy's tune" - Francois Houle Et Cetera (Hacienda)
"Lincoln reviews his notes" - Lyle Mays (Fictionary)
"Blessings" - McCoy Tyner (lluminations)
"Perceptions" - Nick Ayoub (Ready or not 2)
"Crux" - Ned Rothenberg (Crux)
"Charcoal" - Michael Bates' Outside Sources (Fine balance)
"It" - Dewey Redman/Cecil Taylor/Elvin Jones (Momentum space)
"Thinking of you" - Brad Goode (Hypnotic suggestion)
"Noon harras" - Derek Bailey/John Zorn/William Parker (Harras)
"In a silent way/Shhh-Peaceful/It's about that time" - Miles Davis (Panthalassa)
"Mercy (variation no. 1)" - Demon Fuzz (Afreaka!)
"We do we go" - Nomo (Newtones)
"Epitome" - Odean Pope (Locked & loaded)
"Skag" - Archie Shepp (New thing at Newport)
"Beast" - Rhythm Devils (Apocalypse Now sessions)

Overall, a nice set of tracks. I'm only going to specifically mention one thing here, "Mercy" by Demon Fuzz, from their Afreaka! album. Basically, these guys were a UK ska/reggae act that freaked out in the late 60s, let their hair grow, donned African duds, and put out one album and an EP, both of which vanished fairly quickly and became collectors' items. Fortunately, both recordings were rereleased on one CD a couple of years ago. The music is an almagam of jazz, soul, prog rock, and all sorts of other odds and ends, all well-played and presented. Great stuff. I haven't played any Demon Fuzz since Aug.8, 2006; I'll have to play more soon.


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