Tuesday, November 13, 2007

November 13, 2007

"Forbidden sand" - The Saul Berson Quartet (Not here, not now)
"Figs" - The Rosemary Galloway Quartet (Live at the Montreal Bistro)
"Killer mosquito" - Bernie Worrell (Improvisczario)
"Mambo inn" - John Basile (Time will reveal)
"Joshua" - Joe Henderson (So near, so far (musings for Miles))
"Ode to Angela" - Bobby Hutcherson (For sentimental reasons)
"Ne-ne" - Soulive (Next)
"Chase" - Jerry Caringi (Changes)
"Des prunes" - Michel F. Cote ((juste) Claudette)
"Meditations" - Charles Mingus Sextet With Eric Dolphy (Cornell 1964)
"Breaking" - Mike Allen & George McFetridge (Threads)
"Mor feen" - Wilson/Lee/Bentley (Escondido dreams)
"I should have known better (live remix)" - Josh Roseman (New constellations)
"Whirlycurl" - Ron Davis (Subarashi live)
"The 5 elements and the natural trinity" - The Jason Lindner Big Band (Live at the Jazz Gallery)
"Hurry up and wait" - Greg Chako (Paint a picture, tell a story)
"Unconditional" - Jerrold Dubyk Quartet (The way you see it)
"Eastern truth" - The David Joel Quartet (Spiral sky)
"Grattitude (for Jennifer)" - Dean McNeill (Prairie fire: large jazz ensemble)

Not a bad show. It featured material from a lot of new CDs that I had just finished reviewing for the station. Some of these were the best tunes from poor/bad albums (e.g. "Mamo inn' by John Basile and "Chase" by Jerry Caringi - I likely won't be playing anything else from these, sorry), some of these were good tunes from good albums (e.g. "Mor feen" by Wilson/Lee/Bentley and "Des prunes" by Cote - I will be playing more from these records in the coming weeks). The "big long" piece for today was "Meditations" from the recently-discovered Charles Mingus Cornell 1964 concert. Good stuff!

And for those of you who know about this performance, I think I'll dig out Coltrane's "Om" and play it for the Christmas week show (which may well be Christmas Day). All of it. Be warned.


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