Thursday, November 8, 2007

November 6, 2007

I'm a little late with this list. I had hoped to get it up sometime on Tuesday, the same day as the show, but it escaped my mind. I was off campus yesterday so I wasn't able to get to it until today. My apologies. Anyway, here goes:

"On the prowl" - Dennis Van Westerborg (Times & places)
"Univoyage" - Miroslav Vitous (Universal syncopations)
"The sound from there" - Norman Howard & Joe Phillips (Burn baby burn)
"Volver a los 17" - Afro-Latin Jazz Orchestra with Arturo O'Farrill (Una noche inolvidable)
"Funkin' around" - Down to the Bone (Supercharged)
"Small town jack" - Bill Evans (Soulgrass)
"Johnny come lately" - Jane Fair Quartet (Chances are)
"Gnomesville" - Larry Goldings Trio (Sweet science)
"Border crossing" - Grand Slam (Live at the Reggatabar, Cambridge, Massachusetts)
"Know Diddley" - Tom Teasley (Painting time)
"The pawnshop wedding song" - Kevin Breit & Folkalarm (Skedaddle)
"Look for the black star (take 2)" - Dewey Redman (Look for the black star)
"Maybe yes, maybe no" - PJ Perry Campbell Ryga Quintet (Joined at the hip)
"Honky tonk" - Miles Davis (Evolution of the groove)
"Double down" - Four 80 East (En route)
"Kind folk" - KennyWheeler/Lee Konitz/Dave Holland/Brill Frisell (Angel song)
"Tiffany/Time remembered" - The Bill Evans Trio (Last note: Fat Tuesdays, NYC, September
10, 1980)
"The latest" - Alvin Batiste (Marsalis Music honors Alvin Batiste)
"Levees" - Terence Blanchard (A tale of God's will (a requiem for Katrina))
"Take your clothes off when you dance" - Ed Palermo Big Band (Take your clothes off when you dance)
"Dimitri, Yvan et Aliocha, c'etaient nos noms" - Battista Lena (Les cosmonautes russes)

This was an odd show in that I played the "best of a bad lot" from some performers and albums. For instance, for instance, the music of Dennis Van Westerborg is largely not to my taste; however, there was one OK track on the new Westernborg CD so I played it. The same goes for the Down To The Bone and Four 80 East tunes (I like Four 80 East best of the three, BTW).

On the other hand, I also played some great stuff from great performers and albums, a few of which have quickly become favourites. These include "Kind folk" from Kenny Wheeler and company and "Look for the black star (take two)" from the late Dewey Redman (I love it when he lets loose on the Musette roughly halfway through the track; I'll play something else with Dewey on the musette, from his time with Ornette Coleman, next month).


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