Monday, November 19, 2007

September 5, 2006

"Mean Ameen" - Ernest Dawkins' New Horizons Ensemble (Live at the original Velvet Lounge)
"Huff" - Junction (Self portrait)
"Hat and beard" - Eric Dolphy (Out to lunch)
"Industrial suite" - Paul Bley, Jimmy Guiffre, Steve Swallow (Life of a trio: Sunday)
"Chimera" - Tanya Kalmanovitch (Hut five)
"VI" - Bang on a Can and Don Byron (Ballad for many)
"Quiet" - Sandro Dominelli (Meet me in the alley)
"Fragile" - Brand X (Do they hurt?)
"Purple gazella" - Duke Ellington (Afro-bossa)
"Live in the ideal" - Simon Fisk (Intent)
"Freak in" - Dave Douglas (Freak in)
"Young rabbits" - Jazz Crusaders (Kings of jazz)
"Lowblow" - Larry Coryell, Victor Bailey, Lenny White (Electric)
"Dazed and confused" - Lesismore (At last)
"Garvey's ghost" - Max Roach (Percussion bitter sweet)
"Optica torre" - Tripleplay (Expansion slang)
"Before Kirk" - Chris Tarry (Of battles unknown mysteries)
"Greek street break in" - Sadik Hakim (Ready or not 2)
"Kali noire" - Catherine Potter (Duniya project)
"Space odyssey" - Detroit Experiment (Detroit experiment)
"Facelift" - Soft Machine (Third)
"D.B.G. blues" - Oliver Jones (Have fingers, will travel)
"Wedding song" - Zubot & Dawson (Strang)
"Digestivo" - Mark Dresser Trio (Aquifer)
"So often" - Kidd Jordan, Hamid Drake, William Parker (Palm of soul)
"Divisions " - Nomo (Newtones)

There were a fair number of Canadian performers in this show as well as several "first plays" (such as Eric Dolphy and Duke Ellington). In addition, there were some real "highlight" tracks, at least for me :-) These included Dave Douglas' "Freak in", "Space odyssey" by the Detroit Experiment (I've since played the original by Marcus Belgrave twice; it's a fantastic piece), and "Facelift" by Soft Machine (I've said it before, I love that "Third" LP by the Softs!). Hmm, these are all kinda spacey tunes; I wonder if there's a trend there... And, of course, Ready or not 2 gets milked again, this time for "Greek street break in" by Sadik Hakim.


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