Thursday, October 25, 2007

July 11, 2006

This was the second-ever Breaking the Tethers show:

"The promise" - Pharoah Sanders (Priceless jazz collection)
"Kitty: Tommy, quick! Get up…" - Richard Thompson and Danny Thompson (Industry)
"The tackle" - Joey DeFrancesco (Organic vibes)
"To Barney Kessell" - Pete Townshend (Scoop)
"Home alone" - Kristian Alexandrov (Funked up jazz)
"Prince Lasha" - Odean Pope (Locked & loaded)
"El otro tipo" - Roberto Occhipinti (Yemaya)
"Seven steps to Samba" - Terrain (Time to travel)
"Low life" - Shuffle Demons (Bop rap)
"Big eater" - Bad Plus (These are the vistas)
"A love supreme" - Alice Coltrane (World galaxy)
"Volunteer slavery" - Rare Air (Primeval)
"Fly by night" - Rahasaan Roland Kirk (The inflated tear)
"Cricket" - Mackrosoft (Antonio's giraffe)
"Togo" - Old and New Dreams (Tribute to Blackwell)
"Seven oceans" - Simon Fisk Trio (Trainwrecks)
"Full frontal saxophone" - Roscoe Mitchell (Sound songs)
"Song for Lee" - Paul Butterfield Blues Band (Anthology: the Elektra years)
"Life of Riley" - Vanguard Jazz Orchestra (Up from the skies)
"Afterburner" - Tuatara (Trading with the enemy)
"Interlude #2" - Francois Bourassa Trio (Jeune vieux jeune)
"Currents" - Rashied Ali, Peter Kowalk, Assif Tasher (Deal, ideas, & ideals)
"Resolution" - Kidd Jordan, Hamid Drake, William Parker (Palm of soul)
"Minor swing" - Stephane Grappelli (Live 1992)
"Fused" - EMP project (Wherever we go)
"Mitote" - Joris Teepe's Groningen Art Ensemble (Jazz in, jazz out)
"Crumble" - Calexico (Feast of wire)

Again, a fairly large number of tracks played on this show (27, I believe). It's an interesting mix of tunes from the CJSW playlist at the time as well as favourites of mine (e.g. Alice Coltrane's hinduism-meets-James-Brown-style-hard-funk version of "A love supreme") and a number of "jazzish" tracks from performers not normally associated with jazz, at least not in a big way (e.g. Pete Townshend with "Barney Kessell", which is dedicated to the jazz guitar great of the same name; Richard and Danny Thompson; Paul Butterfield; Calexico; etc). Also note the first appearance of many on Breaking the Tethers of the Bad Plus with "Big eater"; the drumming on this track garnered a phone call from a listener.

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