Friday, October 26, 2007

July 18, 2006

Show number three:

"At the edge of the maplewood" - Tony Quarrington & Friends (Group of Seven suite)
"Song of the underground railroad" - Gary Bartz (Shadows)
"Goin' to town" - Deep Blue Organ Trio (Live at the Green Mill)
"Airegin" - Hubert Laws (In the beginning)
"How would you like to have a head like that" - Jean-Luc Ponty (King kong)
"Perceptions" - Nick Ayoub (Ready or not 2)
"Eleanor Rigby" - Stanley Jordan (Blue note plays the Beatles)
"Prairie dog ballet" - Jim Pearce (Prairie dog ballet)
"Semiocto" - Yusef Lateef (Psychicemotus)
"Petite piece detachee" - Pierre Bastien (unamed homemade CD of various things)
"Entrance" - Michael Bates' Outside Sources (Fine balance)
"Breakfast with Visigoths" - Kick the Cat (Weirdo)
"What's in a name?" - Common Ground (High Voltage)
"First take" - Ornette Coleman Double Quartet (Free jazz)
"Arere" - Francisco Mela (Melao)
"Carnival skin" - Carnival Skin (Carnival skin)
"Caustic reptiles of the cloven hoof" - Kakalla (Seeds of analog rebellion)
"All of the humans blow up" - Tangerine Awkestra (Aliens took my mom)
"Corcavado" - Linton Garner Trio (Quiet nights)
"Atlantic rising" - Sunship Ensemble (Ready or not 2)
"Pombral" - Sao Paulo Underground (Sauna: um, dois, tres)
"Directions" - Henry Kaiser and Wadada Leo Smith (Yo Miles! Sky garden)
"Conversation with Martin" - Ben Adams Quintet (Old thoughts for a new day)
"Exile in the woods" - Cheebacabra (Exile in the woods)

I think the July 18, 2006 featured the inauguration of my "play something Canadian first" policy. Almost every show since that time has begun with a Canadian performer. On some shows, I've started every hour (after the BBC news) with a Canadian track.

Speaking of Canadian stuff, two tracks from the CD Ready or not 2 were played on July 18. This is a collection of jazz tunes recorded for the CBC in the 1970s (or thereabouts), largely in Montreal (I think). It's a great record; the tunes are definitely of their time but they aren't stereotypically 70s tracks either. We played it to death at CJSW but it was worth it. One of these days, I'll pull it out of the CJSW library and spin a track or two (but it needs a break for a while). I should also try to locate Ready or not 1; that would be interesting to hear.

Another CD that was on the playlist at that time was Carnival skin by Carnival Skin, which featured a track of the same name. I have to admit it was fun being able to say "that was 'Carnival skin' by Carnival Skin from the CD Carnival skin".

"All of the humans blow up" comes from an album "(Aliens took my mom) by The Tangerine Awkestra, a free jazz group of 3-7 year-olds. This is a release on the totally crazy (in a good way) Mulatta Records (

One last note: The second track on this program was "Song of the underground railroad" by Gary Bartz, a song originally written and recorded by John Coltrane for the Africa/brass sessions (it didn't make the original single-LP release of Africa/brass but it is available on the expanded CD edition). "Song of the underground railroad" is probably my favourite "big band" tune. I like Bartz's version but I prefer Coltrane's; one of these days, I'll track down Coltrane's and play it.


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