Wednesday, October 31, 2007

August 1, 2006

"Are we there yet?" - Rabnett 5 (Reclaimation)
"Dolphin dance" - Kazumi Watanabe (Kilowatt)
"Roustabout" - Great Uncles of the Revolution (Blow the…)
"Upon reflection" - Amanda Tosoff Quartet (Still life)
"Ouagadougou" - David Murray & The Gwo-Ka Masters (David Murray & The Gwo-Ka Masters)
"N.Y.C." - Weather Report (Weather report)
"Flashback" - Fred Anderson (Timeless)
"Clashing" - Drums & Tuba (Mostly ape)
"End of the struggle" - October Trio (Day in)
"Lenny's mode" - Lenny Breau (Cabin fever)
"Cat and mouse" - Jack DeJohnette (Elephant sleeps but still remembers…)
"Fire revisited" - Steve Coleman and Five Elements (On the rising of the 64 paths)
"Hypochristmutreefuzz" - Eric Dolphy (Last date)
"Swingin' machine" - Mose Allison (Sage of Tippo)
"Minor swing thing" - Brian Buchanan Ensemble (Plays the music of Dennis van Westerborg)
"Ballad for old souls" - Muhal Richard Abrams (Things to come from those now gone)
"Toads of the short forest" - Ed Palermo Big Band (Ed Palermo big band plays the music of Frank Zappa)
"One of these things first" - Chris Gestrin and Simon Fisk (Poor boy: songs of Nick Drake)
"Blues of the prairies" - Oscar Peterson Trio (Canadiana Suite)
"Maiera" - Fred Stone (Ready or not 2)
"Forgotten travelers" - Groove Collective (People people music music)
"No hype blues" - Deep Blue Organ Trio (Live at the Green Mill)
"Pocket fiction" - Ben Adams Quintet (Old thoughts for a new day)
"Reasons" - Nomo (Newtones)

This day featured a fairly interesting setlist with a number of Canadian performers and many first-time plays (some I've only played once e.g. Mose Allison; I'll have to play more Mose sometime soon). I also played several things from the CJSW library, which I hadn't delved into much before. I recall really digging Muhal Richard Abrams' "Ballad for old souls" and "Toads of the short forest" by Ed Palermo. If I remember correctly, the Ed Palermo Big Band has done two CDs of Frank Zappa tunes arranged for big band ("Toads..." originally appeared on the Mothers of Invention record Weasels ripped my flesh, a personal fave); I later played a great version of "Moggio".

Note: the Weather report album listed above (I played "N.Y.C." from this recording) is the 1982 album not the group's eponymous first recording from 1971.


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