Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Welcome To The Breaking The Tethers Blog

Welcome to the inaugural post of the Breaking the Tethers blog!

Breaking the Tethers is a jazz radio show that I host on CJSW FM, the campus and community radio station located at the University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta. The program is on the air from 6-9 am every Tuesday. I try to play a variety of music that has the "jazz" label but I am most interested in the more avant garde/wilder/freakier side of genre as well as jazz that borders on other styles of music. You can listen to my show on 90.9 FM or via streaming audio at http://www.cjsw.com/ (which is the home page for the station; lots of great information here)

I've been meaning to set up a blog for Breaking the Tethers for a while now (I've had the program since July 4, 2006!) but have only now got around to doing this (which is kind of odd, considering I'm involved in a few other blogs). The primary thing I'm looking to do here is to post the track lists from each program. I'll also weigh in with some thoughts on the tunes and performers played, provide some news here and there, and whatever else might strike my fancy. I hope this is of interest to listeners and readers. Questions, discussions, and suggestions are always welcome.

I should note that in my other life, I am the Serials Librarian at the University of Calgary library (http://library.ucalgary.ca/). But enough about that. Let's stick to the music here.

More posts soon!


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