Wednesday, October 24, 2007

July 4, 2006 - First Show!

In the spirit of "clearing the deck", here's the list of songs and such from the very first edition of Breaking the Tethers, back on July 4, 2006:

"Lonnie's lament" - John Coltrane (Afro-blue impressions)
"Norwegian wood" - Buddy Rich (Blue note plays the Beatles)
"A place for you and I" - Manic Thematic Trio (Say yes)
"Talking heads" - Ben Allison (Cowboy justice)
"Moggio" - Ed Palermo Big Band (Take your clothes off when you dance)
"Encor instant coffee" - Vestibules (Get spiffy!)
"No mystery" - Fareed Haque (Sacred addiction)
"Endless" - Silk Road Music (Endless)
"Footprints" - Miles Davis Quintet (Miles smiles)
"Follow your heart" - John McLaughlin (My goals beyond)
"Promises kept" - Sonny Sharrock (Ask the ages)
"Little camels" - Rabih Abou-Kahlil, Joachim Kuhn, Jarrod Cagwin (Journey to the centre of an egg)
"Mistress of storms" - Michael Occhipinti (Creation dream: the songs of Bruce Cockburn)
"Lemming" - Metalwood (The recline)
"Key" - Matthew Shipp (Equilibrium)
"Slightly all the time" - Soft Machine (Third)
"Chasing the sun" - Richard Underhill (Moment in time)
"Sea of sounds" - Sun Ra (Space is the place)
"Fourth ward" - Nomo (Newtones)
"Ramblin'" - Ginger Baker Trio (Going back home)
"Stolen moments" - Oliver Nelson (Red hot on Impulse)
"Police people" - Pat Metheny and Ornette Coleman (Song X : 20th anniversary)
"Music for a three-piece orchestra: edge" - Hiromi (Spiral)
"DFU" - Groove Collective (People people music music)
"No exit" - Pentangle (Sweet child)
"Cloudburst" - Jon Hendricks (Jazz singing: the jazz vocal collection)
"Paranoid android" - Brad Mehldau (Largo)

Looking back, I think this is a really strong first show set. There are so many great performances and tunes it would take too long to get into. Some of these have made reappearances in the intervening year and a half. Perhaps the most surprising thing to me is that I managed to squeeze 28 tracks into the 180 minutes (less, actually, taking the BBC news, promos, ads, and such into account), including one of the lenghty tunes from Soft Machine's Third album ("Slightly all the time"; a fantastic performance from a fantastic record). These days, I usually max out around 23 tracks; maybe I'm playing longer tunes or I'm becoming more verbose or both?


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